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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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that is my comment. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. i will be supporting this motion and i seconded that motion. that is not to say we do not appreciate the work that happened at the budget committee. sometimes, issues come up and people, for whatever reason, may not have been as aware. i think this provides them an opportunity to provide more feedback. without necessarily jumping to a specific result. it is a good thing. i personally like of the vote. it is a new voting bloc. it is interesting to watch. president chiu: supervisors kim. supervisor kim: i was going to oppose this but i do not think it hurts to have additional profit. this is primarily around the
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budgetary issue, its impact to budget and whether it went through a competitively bid process. the process by which our vendor was elected is worthy of our support. in terms of the land use perspective, i think it deserves the process as well. i will support it. i will support it when it comes back to the full board. this is the only billboard our city owns. currently. it does raise revenue although it is a small amount to the budget. i would like to take into account any discussion that came in the land-use process. president chiu: why don't we take a roll-call vote. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, no. supervisor elsbernd, now. supervisor farrell, know. supervisor kim, aye.
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supervisor mark, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu: the motion to refer passes. item 14. quex from the budget and finance committee without recommendation. an ordinance appropriating approximately 706,500 consisting in fund balance to the department of public works for the design of jefferson street streetscape improvements. >> supervisor chu:. i would like to refer this back to the land use committee. just kidding. [laughter] i am just joking. i wanted to speak to this item. this one did come through budget and finance committee. it was an item we have a lot of conversation around. pedestrian safety improvements, many of our committee members felt it was worthwhile.
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i think the major questions that did come up in committee had to do with the price tag on this item. the price tag was shocking at $8.70 million that would be out of the general fund costs because there was no other identified funding source. what is before us is not the funding for the construction project. it is for the planning phase of it. that is why the committee ultimately allows it for -- for to move forward. that question so has to be answered when it comes before budget and finance in terms of the final budget. in addition, there were questions that were raised around equity and how it is different projects to get funded overtime and how things get prioritized in the city for funding. i wanted to reiterate this point. i will be voting for this item. i do think that planning is in -- moving forward. this is a worthwhile project. those questions to remain overall. i would support this item and continue to move forward.
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thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. i want to echo the comments of supervisor carmen chu. the question of equity is one that did come up. we have our neighborhoods -- never had to do not see these investments moving forward. we have to question whether we're making the right decision i am putting the funding in two parts of san francisco that are far away from these neighborhoods. i do see the benefits and the needs. one of the benefits was getting ready for the america's cup which also led to another question for me. how much either hidden costs to what we're doing to get ready for the america's cup as well. things that we cannot afford and a specific price tag we have for that event. i will be supporting this measure. i wonder where we are going to get funds for the different --
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for the final option that will be decided on for jefferson street. i do have concerns about the top two options, whether we can afford those as the city compared to what we're doing elsewhere. i could support some of the scaled-back versions that seems to be typical of our neighborhoods in commercial areas of san francisco. president chiu: i want to thank our colleagues for a good and robust discussion around the issues they have alluded to. i think as the city, we need to ask our city agencies to consider geographic equity and we do not have enough information to make final decisions on the budget for this project. we have heard loud and clear from the budget committee given all the needs we have about the need to be extremely efficient with our money. i want to take a moment to talk about some of the virtues of this project for those of you who are not familiar with that. fisherman's wharf is a destination for close to 10 million tourists a year.
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out of the 60 million tourists that come to san francisco. jefferson street is an iconic destination in the heart of fisherman's wharf. it has not been a very good street level experience. it is difficult not just for pedestrians who were on crowded sidewalks, it is not just extremely dangerous for cyclists, but because of the poor design, it is inefficient for drivers, particularly drivers that are circling looking for parking. the streetscape project has been years in the making. years of community consensus building. and want to thank the members of the public who represent not just the interests of the neighborhood and the district but the entire city. as was alluded to, mayor lee and i believe this is a project that needs to happen in time for the mets -- the america's cup and this is a project even at a higher budget which is likely to end up paying for itself. a small increase in the number of people that come to a newly envisioned and newly rebuilt
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jefferson street with literally -- leading -- would lead to millions of dollars of tax revenues that could in the future go to streetscape project. i want to thank the budget committee for their consideration and support and urge our colleagues to do the same. thank you. supervisor olague: i want to voice my support for this. this has been long in planning for quite some time. this was the result of a partnership between the planning department, the city, and the designer from denmark. it goes to show that it did not just stay as an idea. they were making this happen. it is nice to see that this is excellent planning and excellent collaboration's that go on and we end up with a nice product which i think we have here. it iwill increase the -- it will
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increase the walkability in this community. not just for tourists for the america's cup, but beyond that. i would like to invite the citizens to go down and enjoy the waterfront, cycling, and all the rest of it. ultimately, it is the residence that will benefit from this. i saw -- i fully support it. >> can we take a roll call? >> on item 14, president chiu , aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. supervisor chu, aye, supervisor
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cohen, aye. president chiu: item 15. >> motion directing the budget and legislative analyst to conduct three performance audits in 2012 and setting the priority as follows. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? these motions are approved. item 17. >> an ordinance amending the planning code to allow an automobile sale or rental use in nc-s district as a conditional use and making environmental findings. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is passed on first reading. why don't we go to local for introductions. -- roll call for introductions. >> supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: thank you.
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i was wondering if we could. -- adjourn in the memory of [unintelligible] he served the marin county residents for 24 years, the longest serving member of the marin county board of supervisors in its history. the four was had the opportunity to serve with -- four of us had the opportunity to serve with hal. i learned a lot about public service and about transportation, a lot about marin county from hal. he is the cousin of our governor, jerry brown. he was appointed to fill a vacancy created on the board of supervisors when supervisor boxer was elected to the house of representatives. he served many residents in marin county and truly the bay area, working on a number of regional agencies. i know he was proud to be a member of the golden gate bridge and he served as its president for some time.
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we had that -- he had that top right corner seat. hal was a great human being, a great man. his son was in supervisor farrell's district. he was a -- high school alum along with supervisor cohen. undoubtedly, his family and the people of marin county will miss him. if we adjourned in his memory, i would be most grateful. president chiu: without objection, that shall be the case. supervisor campos: thank you. i want to thank supervisor elsbernd for that in memoriam. i have a couple of items. the first item is a hearing request on a very important project in development that we have that is taking place in the mission district.
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if you look at the 10 lowest performing schools in san francisco, unfortunately, seven of those 10 schools are in district 9. many of them are in the mission district. i am proud to say that working closely with the mayor's office and the school district, my office, along with many members of the community in the mission have just received a grant that allows the community to begin planning for how to improve the quality of those schools, and depending on what happens with that grant, planning, that -- there is the potential that millions of dollars could be in fused to the community in the next three years and that is something that would be of tremendous benefit to all the children and families of the mission. i am calling for a hearing at the joint school district and city committee on that item. the second is a hearing request
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that also be referred to the city and school district select committee. that is on the issue of the rainy day fund. we know that the rainy day fund which was created by the board of supervisors has played an important role in protecting basic services at the san francisco unified school district. it is because of the rainy day fund that for many years as other cities and other school districts were laying off teachers here -- lange off teachers, here in the city and county of san francisco, we did not have to do that. i am very grateful. and for the thousands of families that send their kids to public schools that protecting the rainy day fund is a priority and it is important that we maintain our eye on that and we have a discussion and i understand that recently, mayor lee made some comments about how the money in the rainy day fund should be allocated. i do not think that anyone of us
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is questioning the need for the city and the school district to have a conversation about maximizing school district property and the same thing should be done on the city side. i want to make sure that as we move forward in that discussion that we protect the original intent and purpose of the rainy day fund, because so many kids depend on it and benefit from it. that is a hearing request. the rest i submit. thank you very much. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. we will skip over supervisor avalos temporarily. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you, madam clerk. i would like to end the meeting in honor of margaret peggy mccarthy. she was loved by many. she was raised in the outer
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district by her parents, both from ireland. she attended star of the sea elementary district -- elementary an. their story began at the krb dance hall and there were married. their children, julie, cathy, and brian. she took great pride in her grandchildren. while being a devoted mother and fireman's wife, she worked for san francisco unified school district for over 26 years. she ended her career at san francisco city college's counseling office. she was a member of the hibernian st. francis district, division 1 and the united irish cultural center.
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she proudly donned a pink coat for over 20 years as a whole series bollinger. sh-- volunteer. as a catholic, her spirituality and devotion served for all her life. starting each day with a rosary and finishing each day with a glass of pinot noir. she loved a bergen and was a tenacious center -- shopper. she will be remembered by her straightforward character. her ability to always speak her mind and her no-nonsense attitude. she will -- we will hold dear her easy smile, a generous french, and humor. she leaves behind her family and friends who will miss her. a memorial mass will be held at holy name of jesus church saturday march 10 at 10:30 a.m.
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donations can be made to juvenile diabetes research foundation. in san francisco. i urge us to end the meeting in honor of margaret mccarthy. the rest i will submit. >> thank you. supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: thank you. i have a few items. i want to talk to one of them. i want to thank my colleagues for our totals. i appreciate the dialogue and i thought we had a good and honest debate. there was no consensus here at the board on what can happen. that is why i am introducing a charter amendment for the november ballot today that will eliminate ranked choice voting for citywide elections. i am pleased to see the support building here at the board of supervisors. i know there was talk at the end of our last debate about a lot
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of people supporting it for mayoral elections. this will apply to all citywide elections. i want to thank my colleagues were supporting me as co- sponsors. supervisor olague, supervisor cohen, supervisor a elsbernd, supervisor chu, and scott weiner. this is not a progressive or moderate issue. this is a democratic one. it is -- ranked choice voting has continued to confuse and disenfranchise voters for over a decade. it is time to restore or voting system to the one-person one- vote rule. although i would have preferred to eliminate it for all actions across san francisco, i do believe in building consensus at the board. toomey, this is a significant step in the right direction, and -- to me, this is a significant step in the right direction. supervisor wiener: thank you.
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i would like to submit an in memoriam for ronnie montrose, a san francisco resident, born in st. luke's. a well-regarded guitar player, having played with herbie hancock, and your winter group, boz scaggs. we produce a lot of talent and it is tragic one our best and brightest passes. i want to note for those who missed this yesterday, we had a terrific hearing at the land use committee on the economic impact study for nightlife i had requested the city economist to perform. it was very interesting -- a very interesting hearing. for those of you who have not reviewed the import -- the report, wish to do so. there is 48,000 jobs and 55
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million in tax revenue. these numbers are conservative and are probably higher. i look forward to an ongoing dialogue about the role of nightlife and entertainment in our city. now we know what we always believed that entertainment and nightlife is not just simply about the culture of our city, although that is very important, but also about our economy. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor olague. supervisor olague: i wanted to mention briefly i will be submitting paper work, a resolution that will initiate designation of real property at 301 geary st.. the gold dust lounge. i want to make mention of that. i do want to mention that there are many residents of district 5
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who did contact me and they are concerned that another piece of san francisco will be replaced by a formula retailer. erases the larger question -- it raises the larger question. since this is one of the areas that many tourists and it is -- internationally renowned people are always there at the turnaround. people have concerns that sense for miller retailers -- formula retailers are in that area, will people be stepping out of their hotels and walking into an over-proliferation of pharmacies and formula retail stores? at some point, we need to reflect on what representation we want for san francisco so that we somehow retain the
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character. when you go into the neighborhoods like the fillmore, the upper haight, divisadero, there is a lot of character come right uniqueness, independently owned establishments. people are calling for preservation of san francisco, its values, its history. it goes deeper than just the gold dust lounge although i think it has become symbolic for many people of san francisco. in the spirit of that, i submit this today. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. supervisor cohen: i have one simple request. close at the board in the memory of mrs. mary howard. ms.the mother of ms. clark. >> seeing no other names, that concludes introductions.
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the next is the opportunity for the public to address the board. including those items on the adoption without committee reference. the portion of the agenda and excluding those items that have been considered by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. if a member of the public would like a document to be displayed, please clearly state such and remove the document when the screen returns to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: why don't we hear from members of the public. you have two minutes unless you are translating into another language. let's hear from the first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language]
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we have problem -- [speaking foreign language] it is my pleasure to talk with you about what is going on here, in san francisco. as you know, i am
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[unintelligible] in the last month, the u.s. has lost a great singer, whitney houston. you can see her picture on my t- shirt. i am a fan. i want to tell you the truth. it is our time. i include myself to take care of the homeless. we see them. many of them, they take drugs. i hope to see many of you have courage like many of our supervisors, such as former supervisor fiona, and [unintelligible] the grateful supervisor, jane
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kim. they have been with me to the shelter. some have courage to stay there one night to see, it is shame when you see or ask one of our supervisors, have you been to the shelter in the district. he does not know how many shelters you have. i try to save the lives of the poor people who get drugs before the get their own food. i believe the second one, he has becoming after the mayor which is close to me, he going to hear for what i said. he is going to prove it will be soon in the shelter to see
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whathe can -- to see what he can do. thank you, john. >> don't give money from the french and foundation. for democracy, there must be accountability. to the extent we have a democracy, our society has set up required disclosures to make that accountability possible. i have pointed out before that reports are required to be submitted to the state attorney general. these forms show the friends of the library have had in come of over 35 million in the last 10 years. as part of this disclosure to protect the public, the friends of the library are asked to place a value on the facilities and services they receive from government agencies like the public library. that disclosure is 0. in fact, the friends collect books for book sales in each branch. they've ran a bookstore in the main library claiming to be the highest grossing bookstore in
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the city. they run events and parties in library facilities. most of all, all revenue from opportunities in newly opened branches goes to the friends. they did not estimate the value they receive from the library because what they give the library would be a joke by comparison. they claim to be a benefactor of the library. yet disclosures also showed barely $4 million to the library in the same 10-year period. the premise of this disclosure to the state attorney general is the representative for the public are supporters to care. -- are supposed to care. if the representatives of the public or this board -- that system has broken down completely. the private partner has turned public assets into private cash and they get their so-called aristocratic privileges for pennies. there is no accountability.
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there will not report to your committee of the board of supervisors but the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> good afternoon. i was sorry to hear that one of the monkees has died, davy jones. i have graphics right here. i met davy jones at macy's. he autographed it. it was too bad. but, anyway. ♪ cheer up sleepy city ♪ ♪ oh what can it mean to a city day dream believe


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